I'm an academic philosopher

I currently teach at the University of Sydney and the University of Notre Dame, Australia

My Research

My research centres around knowledge, reason, and truth, in philosophy and the history of philosophy. I want to defend the importance of these notions for human life as well as elucidate their natures.

I devote special attention to interrogating sceptical arguments and responses to them, especially sceptical arguments explicated by David Hume and the responses to them given by Thomas Reid. 

Additionally, I am interested in metaphysics, logic, philosophy of language, general philosophy of science, the Catholic intellectual tradition, and a variety of topics in ethics.

I have published in the top-tier Australasian Journal of Philosophy and in Studies in History and Philosophy of Science. I have presented my work at Harvard University, Brown University, the University of Nevada, Victoria University of Wellington, Monash University and Adelaide University, amongst other places. See "Media Mentions" below for a link to a story about my trip to Harvard University in September–October 2018.

I was awarded my doctorate from the University of Sydney, where I was supervised by Anik Waldow and David Macarthur. My thesis was titled 'Hume on External Existence: A Sceptical Predicament'.

I have upcoming conference presentations at the University of Queensland, Australia and the University of Auckland, New Zealand.


  •  “Quasi-realism and Inductive Scepticism in Hume’s Theory of Causation”. Australasian Journal of Philosophy, vol. 97, no. 4  (2019): 637–650 (PhilPapers)

  • “Modelling with Words: Narrative and Natural Selection”. Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part C, vol. 62 (2017): 20–24 (PhilPapers)

Media Mentions

November 28, 2018: “Young Sydney philosophers showcase big ideas at Harvard”. A story about my trip to Harvard University in September–October 2018:

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